Penticton is one of those magical places that, once experienced, isn’t easily forgotten. Its breathtaking forested ridges, clay bank cliffs, granite bluffs and clear mountain lakes, along with its proximity to some of Canada’s best wineries, make it a world-famous destination for both nature lovers and food and wine enthusiasts.

Add in the city’s abundance of urban and cultural charm, an attractive housing market and easily accessible highways and airports, and it seems that Penticton has it all. And that is exactly what the City of Penticton wants virtual workers to know. The city is welcoming this demographic with open arms, and wants to showcase the beauty, livability and workability of their city to telecommuters thinking about improving their work/life balance.

For more information on Penticton, its virtual worker culture, and opportunities and benefits for telecommuters, please visit our Request Info page.

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