Spinning & Juicing at Pure Gym & Juicery

Spinning & Juicing at Pure Gym & Juicery

The Pure Gym & Juicery, located at the Penticton Lakeside Resort, is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that Penticton residents can keep their bodies tuned up and fuelled right.

Pure is really so much more than a gym – it’s a movement. With all of the amenities that you might expect from a big city gym, but none of the hassles like commuting, finding parking or long term contracts (all pure membership options are contract free). How’s that for starting your healthier lifestyle with less stress?

I wouldn’t be doing Pure adequate justice without trying the experience first hand, so my friend Teresa and I signed up for a spin class, and boy were we impressed. The day started by leaving our two little ones (9 months and 14 months) with our husbands who were working from home near Naramata (Penticton’s wine country). The drive to the gym took under five minutes, and of course there was no traffic and there were lots of parking spots available (people in Penticton actually seem surprised when we rave about little things like this).

At the gym we were greeted by our instructor Vanessa. She was really personable and helped us make sure that our spin bikes were set up properly for the class. The room itself had about 20 spin bikes and the class was full (great sign), and the mirrors on all the walls provided additional depth. Once the class started, the main lights were shut off and we were surrounded by only neon and candle lights. The entire class featured inspiring, upbeat music and the instructor was great at motivating everyone.

The workout was amazing! We were sweaty and exhausted after the class and we were very appreciative of the complimentary fresh white towels. The class itself was 38 minutes so people can squeeze it into their lunch breaks.

After freshening up in their clean change rooms with private showers, we made our way over the Juicery & Raw Café to replenish our nutrients. The juices are super fresh and healthy with no added sugars or preservatives. This was a perfect way to cap off an amazing gym experience.

After feeling revitalized, we made our way back to the house and our husbands went back to work. For many virtual workers they call a mid-day break like this a donut schedule. It’s certainly something that I could get used to.

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