Are you ready to have more time in your day for what really matters to you?

Penticton has a pretty broad collection of positive lifestyle attributes that will make it attractive to many virtual workers like you.

How about working on a ‘doughnut schedule’? Work in the morning, take the afternoon to bike, paddle, etc. and then work in the evenings.

A network of likeminded-people living here successfully and growing their career virtually is waiting for you.

We already have an amazing community of virtual workers and entrepreneurs who love living their lifestyle dream in Penticton while enjoying a career that allows for flextime.

With Two lakes, 200+ wineries, Apex ski hill, mountain biking, mild climate and much more, Penticton is where you and your family should be.

We offer a compete infrastructure (great Internet speed), access to shipping product in and out at two airports, one of which is international, and a USA border crossing all within an hour’s drive.

Getting to your clients is easy from Penticton with year-round access to major highways and a local airport within a 15 minute drive from anywhere in the City. We have the retail stores to provide your business with supplies and a technical community to help with setting you up. We have a vibrant café industry here in Penticton providing fabulous café lattes… and a great place to work.

Another great local resource is a coworking space. Many employers are familiar with coworking spaces around the world and it is common for them to pay for a membership to ensure their employees are happy and well supported. In our City we have Cowork Penticton. They offer a shared flexible workspace for a membership fee along with meeting rooms, wifi, video projectors, printers, etc. It is a great, fully-furnished option. You can use it as much as you need, whether that is for a workspace, or an occasional meeting room. Not only do they have pretty much everything you need to get started and be successful, you will also meet like-minded professionals and colleagues.

In addition, there are incubator spaces available at Okanagan College that can be leased offering greater security and extended time of day access.

The one thing about Penticton you will notice is that we all love where we live and we especially love meeting people who feel the same.